What are we pouring this week?

We pride ourselves on offering some of the areas best beers at reasonable prices.  There will always be something new on tap when you come to Frankenwaffle, assuming you don't come in twice a day. 

Mother Earth - Sin Tax Imperial Peanut Butter Stout

Imperial stout with lactose and peanut flavoring make for a super drinkable 8% stout

East Brother - Imperial Stout

Russian Imperial Stout, classic English hops and roasted barley make for a robust, 10.5% ABV beer. 

Moonraker - Howling Lands

A single hazy IPA that is both melon and citrus forward

Sierra Nevada - Celebration

Sierra’s perennial holiday favorite, a wet hopped, west coast IPA

Faction - Negative Ghost Rider

A black IPA from Alameda CA. 6.7% ABV


Mason - Cloud Cover Hazy Double IPA

A unique take on the NE classic.  This hazy double also has sauvingnon blanc grapes. 

Henhouse Denver Airport IPA

It's here! Henhouse's IPA has finally come to Sacramento. 6.3% ABV

Belching Beaver - What's in the Hops?

Belching Beaver's 7th anniversary beer. A light hazy IPA 

Alesmith - Nut Brown Ale

Traditional English style brown ale. Easy drinking at 5%ABV 

Clown Shoes- Galactica DIPA

A very drinkable west coast double IPA. 8% ABV

Left Coast - Hop Juice

A triple west coast IPA from San Clemente CA clocking in at 10% ABV

Pizza Port - Chronic Ale

A very drinkable amber ale brewed with hemp seeds. 5% ABV From Pizza Port Brewing in San Diego CA

Montucky - Cold Snack

This American lager has finally hit the great state of CA. A tasty and crisp lager from a company that gives 8% of sales back to charity. 

Karl Straus - Boat Shoes

Simcoe, Mosaic and Galaxy hops make this a really well balanced hazy IPA from San Diego, CA

Two Rivers Cider

We have a blackberry cider for those who are looking for something sweet as well as a Yuzu citrus cider for those looking for something on the drier side. 


Grab a taste of the North West Spring water, Chinook and Mt Hood hops give this unique lager a crisp and slightly fruity flavor. 4% ABV

Common Cider - Blood Orange

Cider and citrus always make such a good combo.  6.5% ABV from right up the hill in Auburn CA